Reducing risk and harm

Did you know?
The National Medical and Health Research Council advises under 18s should not drink alcohol at all

Reducing risk and harm

Having read all the information in the other sections, you may still decide to serve or supply alcohol to your teenager.

It's a common choice - after all, 44 per cent of 16 and 17 year olds who responded to the 2009 Victorian Youth Alcohol and Drug Survey said that their parents usually buy their alcohol for them.

Medical guidelines do emphasise that avoiding alcohol altogether is the safest choice for under 18s, and research backs that up. However, there is evidence that young people drink less when their parents supply their alcohol than they do when they get alcohol from other sources.

So, if you've made your decision, the next thing you need to do is sit down with your teenager and talk about how they can stay safe and in control when they're drinking. Click on the link to 'Managing alcohol and your teen' on the left hand side for some tips that might help.

We've also included some tips about how to minimise risk if you'll be serving alcohol at a party for underage guests (with their parent's permission) - see 'Holding a party with alcohol' on the left hand navigation bar.